Nano-Ag47 Silver Nano Particle Suspension Liquid

A unique protective surface spray, proven to protect against infection and recontamination for at least 72 hours.

Nano-Ag47 contains active Silver Nanoparticles, sanitises and inhibits 99.99% of bacteria, enveloped viruses and fungi.

It is widely understood that Silver Nanoparticles (AgNP) actively combat harmful viruses and bacteria. Research has confirmed and global scientific communities endorse their efficacy.

Until now, their accurate mass production has been cost prohibitive for use in the general human environment.

Nano-Ag47 is a new product containing AgNP's produced in a new patentable process.

Nano-Ag47 Facts

  • 1 spray of Nano-Ag47 delivers circa 300 billion particles of Silver.
  • 4 Trigger sprays of Nano-Ag47 will cover 1 square metre.
  • 1 Silver Nano-particle will kill a viral microorganism.
  • Nano-Ag47 is scientifically proven to kill SARS-CoV2 (COVID 19) even after 3 days on a surface.
  • Nano-Ag47 is proven to remain on a surface even after 50 touches in the same place on a non porous surface.
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Effective usage

"As the population emerges socially and commercially from lockdown, common areas of physical contact of surfaces and products should be sanitised as durably as possible against potential cross contamination. Nano-Ag47 will kill, sanitise and inhibit known viral pathogens and their variants now, and in the future".

After application by fine spray or fogger no wiping is necessary. Nano-Ag47 dries to leave a shield that remains active for 72 hours on hard surfaces such as: stainless steel, metals, plastics, glass, formica, enamel and treated wooden surfaces.

Any common touch points and controls including handles and buttons where the potential for cross contamination occurs should be treated with Nano-Ag47.

Nano-Ag kills 99.99% of bacteria and all known envelope viruses upon application to surfaces.

Viricidal and Bactericidal for 72 hours after application on prescribed surfaces.

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Nano-Ag47 has been fully tested at ADSL Laboratories in England. ADSL are ISO 17025 accredited facility using an independent team of chartered chemists, toxicologists, microbiologists and regulatory experts. Nano-Ag47 has successfully tested to: BS EN 1276 Bacterial efficacy BS EN 13697 Bacterial and fungicidal efficacy on hard surfaces BS EN 14476 Virucidal efficacy.

Testing at VRS Lab, University College London, confirms, Nano-Ag47 has 99% enduring efficacy against SARS/Cov2 (COVID 19) three days after application.

Electron microscope tests have proved Nano-Ag47 remains on a surface even after 50 touches in the same place. Simply put there are around 160 million particles dispersed per cm2 which each spray. After 50 hand touches in the same place, 131 million particles remain. We expect this amount to be a lot higher on more porous surfaces. The surface used in the test was laboratory grade highly polished foil to really put Nano-Ag47 under pressure. Remember it only takes 1 silver particle to render a virus particle inactive, no particles of silver are sacrificed during this process.

Nano-Ag47 Kills 99.99% of bacteria and all known envelope viruses upon application to surfaces.

Successful efficacy testing has been conducted on: stainless steel, metals, plastics, glass, formica, enamel and treated wooden surfaces.

Nano-Ag47 Efficiency and
Assured Protection

Usage example; a public/ employee/student toilet facility which is cleaned every 30 mins.

Post scheduled cleaning, Person 1 uses the facility, they are virally infected and subsequently contaminate the facility. 10 people use the toilet before the next scheduled clean, potentially the virus has spread to 10 individuals.

An application of Nano-Ag47 remains active between scheduled cleaning, protecting against potential post cleaning contamination.

Post scheduled cleaning, Nano-Ag47 should be re applied. Nano-Ag needs to be reapplied to continue protecting the area.

Nano-Ag47 is a new solution that disregards viral load, virus type and virus mutations.

Nano-Ag47 viral load capability allows it to deal with multiple contaminations.

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The Nano-Ag47 back story

The efficacy of Silver Nanoparticles to actively combat harmful Viruses and Bacteria has been recognised for some time with the global scientific community endorsing their potential.

The innovation behind Nano-Ag47 is in the new production method and quality of the Silver Nanoparticles contained in Nano-Ag47. (Ag is the symbol for silver on the periodic table)

The team behind Nano-Ag47 come from Earth Science, Civil Engineering and precious metals markets.

Our production process was derived from research work to increase the yield of sustainable gold mines in Colombia.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic the team switched their attention to the production of Silver Nano Particles: AgNP. This was followed by the design of a suspension fluid made from existing tried and tested components mixed with water.

The aim, to produce a method to apply a protective shield of Silver Nanoparticles to surfaces that would remain an effective sanitiser and inhibitor of viruses and bacteria for a minimum of 72 hours.

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Silver Nano Particles under 40 nanometres have the ability to destroy bacteria, fungus and viruses reproductive structures and rendering them inactive.

Due to fact that silver is an element and not a chemical compound, it's viricidal and biocidal properties do not depend on its chemical composition but on it's structure and size.

It does not matter if the bacteria or the virus mutate, if they come in high or low concentration, the Silver nano-particles will inhibit them as they come.

They do not expire, their persistence is directly proportional to the durability of the product they are suspended in.

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Unique Features

  1. Remains an active sanitiser and inhibitor for 72hrs.
  2. Increases protection levels and reduces cleaning schedules.
  3. No viral load limitations, continues to work even with constant contamination.
  4. Versatile spray which doesn't need wipe off.
  5. Protection for all environments.
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