Our passion …
finding innovative class-leading solutions to the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow!

Innovation and Technology

Blue Frog Contract Packing Ltd are a well-established manufacturer of health, hygiene and cleaning products.

Our primary purpose is to bring innovative new health and hygiene products to market, using the latest technology and science to add value to the categories we operate within.

In 2020, as a direct response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and in collaboration with renowned scientists, Blue Frog created the Nano-Ag47 brand.

Working with these scientists and using the latest silver nanoparticle technology, Nano-Ag47 was created to provide the most efficient and effective surface protection spray available in the world, with the ultimate aim of helping the planet beat Covid-19 and any other future virus threat.

The markets in which Blue Frog operate within are inherently fast moving, volatile, reactive and technically demanding.

Stable resource which meets these challenging conditions

Our longstanding vision has always been to provide our customers and stakeholders with a stable resource which meets these challenging conditions. In doing so we recognise the importance of our stated key Company values:


Without consistent adherence to agreed product specifications our vision cannot be realised.


We identify or react to needs, and then push the boundaries of science for the benefit of our customers and the end-users.


Retention of well-motivated, multi skilled team members is key to our long-term future.


We can only achieve our visions and objectives by working together effectively with stakeholders and customers.


Integrity and honesty are inherent within everything we do.


We take ownership of the challenges facing us and our customers.