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A clear spray that turns unprotected surfaces into PERMANENT Bio-intelligent surfaces, protecting everyone all day, every day!

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Antimicrobial Surface Protection, means;

·       Not worrying about viral contamination from surfaces within our schools, hospitals, workplaces and homes.

·       Not worrying to use the point-of-sale touch pad. 

·       Protecting environments, knowing they are safer because walls, ceilings, floors and other areas are protected from Covid-19 and all other pathogens.

·       Visiting the office or entertainment venue, knowing that you and your colleagues are safer. 

·       Business managers benefit from improved pathogen risk management. 

·       Having friends around for dinner, knowing that you are not putting them at any cross contamination risk.


Nano ag 47

What are safer spaces
with Nano-Ag47

By protecting surfaces with Nano-Ag47, we create bio-intelligent surfaces that protect us all, 24/7!

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How to create a safer space with Nano Ag 47 ?